The Digital Coupon Marketing


There was a time when shopping coupons were restricted to daily papers, Sunday mails, Paper flyers and the like. But now in this Internet era, with everything adapting to the digital forum, people don’t prefer to carry slips of papers around. Instead they find it easy and prefer to carry a digital copy on their smart phones and consider a style statement also!More and more companies have started to adapt to this digital style and as a business, it is definitely necessary to be quick to changes and covert these changes to their benefit and also to satisfy their customers.


While the idea of Digital Coupon marketing may sound simple, it is indeed an activity that will take time for successful execution and will definitely have a lagging time before actually picking up. Here are few effective digital marketing tips to make the transition phase a smooth one:


Connect through E-mail:


The best way to connect to your customer digitally is to obtain their e-mail id and send them discount coupons to their mail Id’s. To make it more effective, techniques to scan the coupon’s bar codes from the customer’s smart phones directly, will yield better results, as the customer need not take that extra work of taking a printed version of the coupon. Care should be taken to install hassle free system up gradation to get all these done in a smooth and customer-friendly manner.


Make your digital Coupons Really Appealing:


The option of designing digital coupons to your customers actually is an advantage to you, since individual copies need not be printed. Moreover those extra costs that are cut down could be put to use to make your digital coupons all the more colorful and instigating. Care should be taken to properly design these coupons to attract customers and also according to the brands and products.


Notify target Customers:


With lots of new age technologies that enable geo-tracking and location tracking services, it might be easy to send coupons and notifications to your customers when they are in near vicinity to your store. This will enable then to choose to shop at your store on the go. However there might be few customers who view these notification services as an interruption, so the customers should be given an option to opt of the notification services, either by sending an SMS to a particular number or by just giving a missed call to a particular number.


Find a Genuine Distributor:


There are many online sites, which display shopping coupons of various companies and brands on their sites. These sites are the actual places where shoppers browse in to find the shopping coupons that best suits them, so partnering with such distributors will make your coupons reach the exact shoppers and will increase sales. This also makes sure that the proper coupon reaches the appropriate persons.You might also go in for integrating your coupons with Google wallet, which makes the coupons easily accessible to the customers.


Text Campaigning:


This is a way wherein a particular offer is made available to the customers of a particular store, by just sending them a text message and asking them to reply with a certain code back to them. This might also operate as contest roll-outs, wherein the best slogan or best review that is texted will win a coupon, this way the brand is promoted and also sales is hiked.Also give a VIP treatment to the customers through the texts and mention that are particularly chosen to receive this offer and it is exclusively designed for them. This will make them feel important and in turn make them your loyal customers. Also see to that the messages don’t pour in to their mobile in huge numbers, which might turn out to be a nuisance


E-Media Sharing:


Nowadays there are a lot of offers rolled out electronically and they are designed in such a way that customers are offered a discount or a free coupon on sharing the promotional offer with a certain number of people.  This is sure to fetch you lot of new customers. To reward your customers, offering them an incentive on the number of shares will also prove to be effective. This might be done by installing a referral code that will track down the actual person who ash referred your store. When customers are rewarded for their favor, it encourages them to share more and shop more.


Keep track of Progress:


Mere Implementation of a project is not enough, but proper following up and co-ordination is most required. Also proper monitoring of the process followed and proper measuring of actual results is necessary to bring in any new amendments and changes to the on going process. Also by measuring results, once can keep a track of what process has paid better and help you concentrate more on this process.


Digital Marketing with a Personal Touch:


Although all forms of digital and electronic advancements has replaced most of the direct forms of marketing, a best customer service team at the store to guide the customers through the various sectors of the stores and to help them in clarifying their doubts as to what coupons can be redeemed in a beneficial way will definitely have a positive impact on the customer. Mere digital promotion and coupon delivery will make customers visit your store, but to make them repeated loyal customers, it is the duty of the human relationships that the persons at the store offer their customers.Proper Treatment and customer delight are the key aspects to keep your customers in line with your store and its products.